1.) Introduce your band to our readers. Please mention also the records.

270bis is an Italian band in its tenth year of activity: drums, bass, two guitars, voice and sax. In ten years we have performed all over Italy but only once abroad, in Vitrolles (France) as guest at the first festival of RIF (Rock identitaire français). We have produces up to now three LPs called: "Signori della guerra" (warlords), "Cuore nero" (black heart) and "Incantesimi d'amore" (Love enchantments). Our last LP sold slightly more than ten thousand copies but, unfortunately, our tracks can all be found on Internet for free! (You are welcome to take advantage of that, we don't really care, but it is unfair).

2.) What does the name 270 bis stands for?

It is the article of the Italian penal code that persecutes the so-called "subversive associations". When the band started its activity two of its members had already gone down under that accusation. So, as a little souvenir of past glories, we kept the name.

3.) How would you define your sound? Do you have any particular influences?

We play rock, which is a very vague definition. We all come from different musical experiences, so our sound is a sort of mix of soft and hard rock,blues, ska and even jazz. Frankly we wouldn't know how to define it. Besides, in the past five years, with the growing professionalism of our members the sound is constantly changing.

4.) Generally what does your lyrics talk about?

Fight and love: for our brothers, our families, our people and our nation, social justice, independence, our history and the right to be what we are and stay like that as long as we like in spite of any interferences.

5.) In particular your song “Bomber Nero” what does it speaks about?

There has been a time, in recent years, in which the Italian press has been mounting a campaign of total fakes to create a social alarm indicating the skinhead movement as the responsible of all sorts of invented crimes. This song makes a list of all the real evils that affect and have affected our nation and answers ironically that they are not the responsibility of Mafia, corruption, CIA or communist terrorism but of a small child with a shaven head and a black bomber jacket who sings "S**g H**l, S**g H**l"?

6.) And what about “non scordo”?

This song narrates of all the persecutions suffered by Italian patriots in the Seventies, at the hands of police and communist gangs. We say that we may put aside our suffering in the interest of our people and build a common future for our people, but we will never forget what they did to our brothers and never will allow anything similar to happen again.

7.) Politically how would you define you band?

Rightwing. Quite rightwing.

8.) You aren't a skin band, do you have any relation with skinheads?

We have a very strong and ancient friendship with the Veneto Skinhead Front and we have performed in Veneto with various skin bands. One of our most recent tracks is called "The guns of Verona beach" and is dedicated to VFS and to their persecutors.

9.) How does the media cover your band? Do they give you a fair coverage?

At the beginning we have been constantly attacked, more for our personal histories and political beliefs rather then for our musical activity. With our third LP we have obtained very favourable reviews even on leftwing newspapers. Even so, a very important concert we held in Rome with 2000 people was hardly mentioned by the press. We don't think they like us that much. We had a couple of interviews on TV, but the fact that we had rightwing views has always been underlined more then our musical production.

10.) What can we expect from 270 bis for the future?

In October a sort of remix of selected tracks of our previous two LPs and we are working at our fourth recording.

11.) Anything else to ad?

Our language is not that difficult to understand for neo-latin languages speaking friends, come visit our site and write to us. Thank you.


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