Interview with Barking Dogs


1.) Introduce your band to our readers please. Please mention also the records.

Cheers mates, we are Barking Dogs from Germany and we hope you enjoy this interview.

Our line up is: Ralf: guitar; Chris: bass; Oli: drums & Ingo: Vox

We started in the end of 1994 and the band was already formed in 1995. We use to play true rock from the street for all the kids that wanted to hear it. In 1996 we recorded our first “Maxi CD” called Skinhead Rock. After that we recorded the first full length CD called “Dein Tag”. In the year 2001 we released the second full CD with the name “Royal Aces”, after that we recorded a split CD with our friends “Selbststeller”. On this CD you can find two songs of Barking Dogs and two songs of Selbststeller. This CD is also available as limited edition on vinyl, same like the “Royal Aces”. For more information you can have a look at, everybody who is interested is always welcome!

2.)What are your influences and what does your lyrics talk about?

We hear all kind of music that is true. There are so many good bands in this world, so that is not possible for me to say were are the influence are coming from. Every good band, every good music and every good lyric formed us a little bit, but we try to go our own way, we try to make our music “Barking Dogs”.

We going to sing about what is real, about personal problems everybody knows, and we try to stay patriotic without giving a fuck what the political correct wankers want to hear. We just want to give them kids the feeling that we have the same problems everyday like them and they must know that they are not alone. We try to support in good times and in bad times, maybe sometimes it works. Never want to say what people have to think, but maybe some people started to think about our lyrics!?

3.)Do you use a card with the joker as your symbol for any special reason?Or is this part of that old rock n roll style tattoos look? (like the eight balls, the poker dice, the lucky 13’s etc)

It is not really a part of this old school style, but we like this style and so I think it is not wrong to say this joker is something for us what the eight ball is for other persons.

The reason why we choose the joker in the cards is very simple. I think all this outlaw kids in the streets, it doesn’t matter what they call themselves Punk, Skin or whatever, are like the joker in this fucking game called life. They are so true and so proud, you know and so we called the 2. CD Royal Aces for all this kids, because they are the “Royal Aces”!!!

4.) Seems to me you are Tattoos inconditional fans is that correct?

I don’t know....!

5.) You use a lot the 24 to mean Barking Dogs. Do you think the German restrictive laws have contributed to spread the use of numbers to mean words? (88, 2&8, etc….)

Yes, this is right. Many people use numbers instead of words ´cause numbers can not be forbidden. But we use the number just like a symbol for the band, it’s the same like the cards. Everybody knows what 24 means! Sometimes we are to lazy to write the name of the band down and so we fucking use the 24!! ;-)

6.) You seem to have a very loyal road crew, I mean the guys even tattoo your logos and band name… do you want to refer to this matter? Do you always travel with them?

Yeah, the Road – Crew is very loyal, it is like a family, I love this guy! These guys supported us on every gig! Oh, what is the matter? I think they know that we play for the Road – Crew and all the other kids and so they support us. We know most of that guys over 12 years, we all were friends before the Crew was formed!

7.) Have you already played abroad? And which are the bands you are more linked to?

We played in France this year, it was a great gig, but most of our gigs are in Germany.

Maybe next year we have the possibility to play more gigs in other countries!??

We have no favourites or something! Every band which plays good and true rock, we like. They have to accept us like we are, nothing more nothing less. We hate those pricks which want to play “real ”rock, but in real life they are nothing more than fucking posers. They use an image to satisfy themselves, this kind of bands really sucks!

8.) What can we expect from Barking Dogs for the future?

We are going to record our new CD in October. When everything goes right, we can release the new CD in the end of this year!!! The CD is called “Schluss mit lustig” and there are many songs in English, so it  is more interesting for all the “not german fans” J

After that we want to play many gigs, ´cause it is our life to play for the crowd!

Hope to see you in one of the concerts!!!??

9.) Anything else to ad?

Thanx for the great questions, take care and all the best for your magazine!!!

Cheers Ingo24 and Barking Dogs


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