1.) As I guess everyone knows Condemned 84 We'll skip the usual intro… Tell us your discography:

You can print it off the web site (Ed.: So we did but only the original releases) - Battle Scarred MLP, Oi! ain't dead (e.p.), In search of the new breed (e.p.), Face the aggression, Live & Loud, Boots go marching in, Storming to power, Amongst the thugs, Blood on yer face, Euro 96 (e.p.), Bootboys (single), Batle/No way out (single) + lot's of re-issues and uncontable songs in compilations...

2.) What does the number 84 stands for?

The year of our first studio recording

3.) How would you define your sound?

Power oi!

4.) Is it true that your guitar-player lives in the USA? How can you manage that? Do you replace him or just do new songs when he returns home?

Yes he does live in the u.s.a. (he is british) we don't manage that very well i'm afraid.No we don't replace him we just work on songs and gig when he returns home.

5.) Why did your last album Blood on yer face took 2 years to be re-released?

Because rn'b the label wasn't sure what was happening with their company.

6.) What about the new Album “no-one like us, we don't care”? when will be out? Will it be available in LP and CD? Why is it taking so long?

Don't know when it will be out,reason it is taking so long is because of our guitarists situation living in the u.s. It will be cd only I believe although a possibility of vinyl also.

7.) Is it true that your song “The boots go marching in” will be used on a film? Please talk us about it.

Yes it's to be used on a film called "concrete veins" by a small independant film company in the u.s.a. hopefully it will be bought up by a good distributor for television rights.

8.) Some record names and songs are with no doubt linked to the football/hooligan culture. Is that spirit still much alive in Britain? Which football club do you support?

The hooligan culture is very much alive in britain but mainly confined to the nationwide leagues as they are not so high profile games as in the premiership,plus many nationwide teams still have terracing easier to fight on..mark supports tottenham,gunk chelsea, kev ipswich,mark leicester I think

9.) What about the U.K. Oi! Scene? Do you think is with good health? Which bands do you think are good?

Gig attendances are not too good mainly due to lack of venues,poor advertising. I mainly listen to the old bands now as the newer ones seem to be getting metal edge sounding.

10.) Some of you play in other bands isn't it? And in the past anything deserving to be mentioned?

Mark drummer plays with retaliator,mark guitarist used to play with anti heros (now left).no one will have kev or gunk ha ha..

11.) What can we expect from Condemned 84 for the near future?

New album sometime?? u.s. 7" now released,who knows after that..

12.) Anything else to ad?

Cheer's to all supporters of the band in your country and keep the faith.


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