Bosco McManus

Skinhead Tattooer



Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jeff "Bosco" McManus

Whatís the name of your tattoo studio?

I tattoo at Westside Tattoo Studio in Jacksonville, Florida in the U.S.

For how long are you a tattoo maker?

I've been tattooing a little over 10 years now. It doesn't seem that long though. I started out practicing on my bros. It certainly tested my friendships LOL.

Do you have more people working in your business?

There are 3 other artists at the shop. I am the only skinhead that works there though.

You are, as far as I know, a very well known Hammer skinhead, does this affect your business? I mean do you feel some people may not choose to make their tattoos in your studio because of that?

If someone doesn't want me to tattoo them because of my lifestyle, views and morality, then that's their loss. They can take their business elsewhere. I have a good clientele and some of them ask me for literature and study material. I don't use my job to preach, but if someone is genuinely interested in learning more about their race and our struggle, then I will give them the tools to free their minds.

I suppose you must have a large % of skinhead clients, is this true? But do you also work very often on other kind of people?

I love tattooing skinheads. The most obvious reason is the fact that I always like what I tattoo on them, but also I like putting great artwork on them. When I came up, we always had to get shitty work because most "good" artists wouldn't work on us or we didn't have the money for good tattoos, so I like to do the best work I can on skinheads.

For you, whatís the most important thing on a tattoo-maker?

A good tattoo artist first and foremost needs to be technically sound, next, creativity is important to bring the work to life. You also have to keep a love for the art, if you grow tired of tattooing, you won't do your best work.

Is there any kind of tattoo work you will refuse to do? (For example: coverings of other tattoos, finishing work of other people, a draw you hate, etc).

I hate it when people come to me to have me finish someone else's work, especially when I know the artist and the artist does good work. I will always send them back to the artist who started it. As far as bad drawings, we always make suggestions to make the tattoo better and you'll never get away from cheesy tattoos, you have to do them, they pay the bills.

As I mention before you do not hide your political views. Imagine if a guy seeks your studio as a client and asks you to tattoo him a hammer & sickle or a sharp tattoo... Would you refuse? Or would you separate work from politics and tattoo the guy (well and maybe kick him the next time you see him on the street he he)?

I'll do it, but of course I would have to charge him more than another type of tattoo LOL. Another aspect to that is the fact that when they fill out the release form they write down their address and such and they will talk and you'll find out where they hang out LOL.

As in clothes, music, etc, I think Tattoos are also ruled by ďfashionsĒ, do you agree? I mean you may have tribal stuff being very popular for a while, than it changes for Japan style, than those lucky 13ís, ace of spades, old rock n roll style... Is this the fact? Which are the most common tattoos Americans are doing now?

I think the most over done trend now is "tribal". It's an offshoot of the polynesian tribal crap. I tax the hell out people who get it. It's boring and it sucks. There will always be "trendy" tattoos, but they will never be as bad as "tribal".

And which kind of tattoos is more popular amongst American skinheads?

It's a toss-up really, skinheads here either like detailed black and grey work(portraits, soldiers, war equipment, skinhead themes) or traditional style with a skinhead and white nationalist theme to it.

Witch is the kind of work you prefer to do?

I'll do anything, I enjoy different styles (except tribal). I think I enjoy doing Celtic work the most though.

And you prefer Black or colour tattoos?

Colour is cool to do, but I have fun with black and grey also.

Are there many other skinhead tattoo-makers in your country?

There are quite a few now, and some damn good ones at that. It's really cool because we have our own tattoo community here. When we get together we can exchange ideas and little tricks of the trade to help each other.

You have lots of skinhead Festivals in the U.S. Do you usual take the chance and make tattoos in those events?

Once in great while I will bring my equipment, but I usually just want to have fun and drink a beer or two with my brothers.
Do you usually come to conventions in Europe? Which European tattoo-makers do you think are good artists?
I would love to do a convention in Europe. I would have a blast over there I believe. Even if I didn't do convention I would like to tattoo over there and meet some cool skinheads and have some fun. There are many great artists over in Europe, they really take the art seriously, I like that.

Changing the subject, Iíve heard in the U.S. is forbidden to be a tattoo-maker in Jail (you canít do tattoos to other convicted fellows while doing time). Is this true?

Yes it is and yet they still find a way LOL. I have seen some nice art come out of the prisons though, especially knowing the primitive means they have to use sometimes and the pressure of working quickly.

Changing the subject. Which American skinhead bands do you prefer?

That is a tough question because there are ALOT of kick ass bands here now. I could go on forever listing them. One band I will mention because I really loved their sound and they were definitely, tragically cut short, Nordic Thunder. Joe was one of the best guys you could ever meet, he did tattoos too. We all miss you bro and we'll be tippin' some beers for your birthday soon.

And from other countries?

Once again, ya got me. There's just too many good bands nowadays. Hell, I remember when you thought you had gold when you had a bad tape copy of Skrewdriver. It's great to see skinheads utilizing their talents that they were blessed with.

There is any trouble between skinheads in the U.S. or do you try to have a peaceful environment unleast in the WP political scene?

With all the different personalities there will always be conflicts between groups or people. Unfortunately there are groups that have shady characters, mini-fuhrers or profiteers. We try to maintain a peaceful co-existence with all that are fighting for our future.

Going back to your work. Your business is only focused on tattoos or do you also have body-piercing, clothes sell, Tattoo related stuff sell, etc, etc?

We do tattoos only at our studio, we always come up with shirts once in a while. I'm designing some now to promote myself at the studio. We also work on building tattoo machines.

Are you heavily tattooed? Do you make tattoos in yourself?

I have a good amount of tattoos (not enough yet LOL). The last time I tattoo'd myself was 3 and a half years ago, I'd rather have someone else work on me now.

To end: will you do me a tattoo for free? Iím joking! Anything else you would like to say?

Hell yeah, I'll hook you up. Lemme know if you're coming over here, or I'll take care of you on a visit. Advice to new artists, LISTEN, when an older artist is giving you advice, take the time to learn. When you think you know it all.... you don't. To all you skinheads out there, hold your heads high and conduct yourselves with dignity and grace. One other point, if you find that someone is a rat, chuck 'em to the weeds, I'm hearing of too many situations where people let snitches hang out because "he's a cool guy" and "he's been around a while." If you keep these jerks around, you could be the next one ratted on. Yahweh bless you all out there, we will win the fight. HAIL THE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

That's no problem, thank you for the space in your magazine.

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